Auction Announcements
Auction Announcements:
NEXT AUCTION: Saturday, To be Determined 2014 -10am

Please be on time; the auction goes very quickly. Once the bidding starts, the auction could be over in 30 min or less.

Call or check web page after 6pm the day before auction to ensure it is not canceled.
Sign Up Before 10am: Auction starts at 10am you will need to have your number in hand by then.
     1. Print out and fill out our
Auction Agreement Documents/AuctionAgreement.pdf or fill out form at AMS.

   2. Bring in, Mail in, Fax, email agreement to AMS before 9:45am the day of the auction.

   3. Sign in and receive Bidder Card at AMS Before 9:45am the day of the auction.

   4. Units will be opened and bidders will be allowed to look but not touch or enter the unit.
   5. When everyone has had a chance to view the unit, an opening bid will be requested. Bidding will continue until the highest bid is reached. the winning bidder may place their lock on the unit at that time.
(we offer locks for $12/ea in the office)

   6. When the auction is completed, winning bidders will meet at the office and pay at that time.

   7. Units must be completely emptied including trash with in 48 hours unless otherwise agreed upon.

   8. IMPORTANT!!! Personal paperwork and photographs must set aside.

   9. It is not legal for the winning bidder to contact the previous tenant for any reason.

If you would like to make a bid before the Auction send an email here manager
You can also be added to the Bidders list here.

Below is a preview of the units that are scheduled to be auctioned


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